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INDAR Web Design specialise in offering high quality web design and internet services for a wide range of sectors with an emphasis on clarity, directness and simplicity. If you are responsible for presenting a business or organisation to the potentially enormous market which the internet represents you will understand immediately the importance of a credible, trustworthy and professional web site.
Yes the technology, social media, mobile version etc are all valuable but they are all literally worthless if the site fails to communicate simply and clearly the basic values we all look for (including you reading this) in assessing a product, service or organisation online. While it seems so obvious and desirable that clarity, directness and simplicity should inform the design of most web sites, it is actually a remarkably rare quality - we know this because many, many of our clients seem to search long and hard for these qualities before arriving in tired gratitude at our portfolio.
It seems the world is filled with designers, programmers and freelancers, many talented, who won't turn away your project and who may do quite a good job of it. We say genuinely, good luck to all, because for every client and project there is an individual or company which is a perfect match at that particular time and budget. We don't know if we are the right match for you of course but whether you are starting a new business and need a strong web presence, have a long established existing site that needs to be redesigned and re-imagined,  or indeed any variation in between, if you value, simplicity, clarity, trust and professionalism then we are already singing from the same sheet!  Why not talk to us about how we can help you create the best solution for your needs and for your budget.
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