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We treat every client individually when we design websites. For this reason, every website project we make is original and unique. However, web-design is something more than just another “picture” in the net. The technical structure of our services likewise prepares in channelling client acquisition. As part of its experience, INDAR combines graphic design, programming and functioning search engines. We are creating services from which our customers gain considerable profits.

Our basic offer within the scope of web-design consist of:

  • small websites design (the so-called visit cards),
  • medium web-site design (up to 5 web pages),
  • big services design (up to several tens web pages),
  • internet shops design,
  • portal systems design,
  • websites design based on CMS system.


In our projects we utilize HTML, PHP, CSS technologies as well as the use of Flash and Javascript.
We care about the quality of the websites and applications.
We use the techniques and standards to ensure high quality of our services.

Because we believe that web development is what we can do well - we offer even a lifetime warranty.


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