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About Us



INDAR Web Design is a team of talented graphics and web designers.Team
Web design is our job since 2003.
We put biggest push in work on appearance and content part of designing website, trying simultaneously to escape from replacement complicated graphics and on one hugeness of information part on the single page, because it enables reaching of included information by large number of addressee, through fast and choose part opening website without any errors.
We are specialized in web design, graphics design and development but we also place a lot of focus on marketing websites and businesses.
That's because we at INDAR Web Design know that having a great website isn't enough. We work with you to ensure that the websites gets outstanding results - your company deserves no less!
Whether you want to create a brand strategy, rebuild your image, take your company finally online or market it to a whole new online world, we can stand by your side and make it happen for you.

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